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A first look at ILRI’s new research programs: Impact at Scale

The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI),
headquartered in Africa and working in poor countries
worldwide to provide better lives through livestock,
held its Institute Planning Meeting from 4 to 7 Oct 2016.
This is the fifth of a series of blog articles reporting on
plans for ILRI research programs, including ILRI’s
work in west and southern Africa and south, east and southeast Asia.

IPM 2016 agenda

ILRI Impact at Scale

Iain Wright and Boni Moyo introduced
ILRI’s completely new program, Impact at Scale.

The program sits at the end of the R2D continuum.
Its research component would be the learning process.

—ILRI’s Ben Hack reporting on #ipm2016

In terms of skill gaps, we have some who understand
the R2D continuum. We need more of that.

We also need to learn working in partnership
with development organizations.

Some of these gaps we will fill in-house;
others we can contract.

—ILRI’s Ben Hack reporting on #ipm2016

Case study 1

Case study 2

View the whole presentation here. For more information, contact ILRI’s Impact at Scale program leader Iain Wright: i.wright [at]

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