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Year-end livestock lists: Favourite presentations


Borana goat, Ethiopia (photo credit: ILRI/Zerihun Sewunet).

Miss some presentations of the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) this year? Arranged by topic below are some of our favourites. What were yours? What are we missing? List them in the Comment box below, please! And remember to check ILRI’s Slideshare site for all our presentations and posters:

And see you next year!


Jimmy Smith (ILRI), Nov 2014
Livestock policy paradoxes: Promulgating a crisis? Or providing a solution?

Christopher Delgado (World Resources Institute), Oct 2014
The transformative role of livestock in the developing world

Modibo Traoré (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), 1 Oct 2014
Why invest in livestock-based options for livelihoods, healthy lives and a sustainable environment?

Jimmy Smith, Sep 2014
The interplay of knowledge and natural resources: Ensuring the health, wealth and environmental benefits of livestock

Ann-Waters-Bayer (ETC Foundation), Sep 2014
Supporting development processes through livestock innovation systems research

Jimmy Smith (ILRI), Apr 2014
Closing livestock yield gaps in the developing world: Imperatives for people and the planet

Jimmy Smith (ILRI), Mar 2014
Evolution of animal production in emerging markets: China, Russia, India, Brazil, Africa


Jimmy Smith (ILRI), Jul 2014
Mixed crop-livestock systems: Indispensable means to achieving global food and nutritional security

Steve Staal (ILRI), Jun 2014
Ensuring livestock livelihoods and animal source food security

Iain Wright (ILRI), May 2014
Feeding the world: Smallholders and livestock


Lorne Babiuk (University of Alberta), 6 Nov 2014
Healthy animals equals healthy, productive people

Tim Robinson (ILRI), 27 Sep 2014
The global livestock sector: Trends and health implications

Barbara Szonyi (ILRI), 7 Nov 2014
Trends in global health and food safety

Hung Nguyen, Fred Unger, Jeff Gilbert and Delia Grace (ILRI), 7 Nov 2014
One Health and Ecohealth: A framework for agriculture and health research and intervention

Delia Grace (ILRI), 7 Nov 2014
Livestock for healthy lives

Jimmy Smith (ILRI), Aug 2014
Healthy people, animals and ecosystems for global food and nutritional security

ILRI vaccine team, Jul 2014
Current and future animal vaccine research activities at ILRI

Christine Atherstone, Kristina Rösel, Delia Grace (ILRI), Oct 2013
Ebola risk in the pig value chain in Uganda


Delia Grace (ILRI), Sep 2014
Food safety trade-offs

Delia Grace (ILRI), May 2014
Risk-based approach to improve food safety in informal markets

Delia Grace, Johanna Lindahl, Christine Atherstone (ILRI) and Erastus Kang’ethe (University of Nairobi), Jul 2014
Aflatoxins, animal health and safety of animal source foods

Lucila Lapar (ILRI), Ram Deka (ILRI), Johanna Lindahl (ILRI), Hung Nguyen-Viet (ILRI), Nancy Johnson (IFPRI), Amanda Wyatt (IFPRI), Delia Grace (ILRI), Jun 2014
Building an enabling environment for food safety in informal markets in India and Vietnam: The role of capacity strengthening

Delia Grace (ILRI), May 2014
Food safety in informal markets


Ben Lukuyu, Alan Duncan, Iddo Dror (ILRI): Sep 2014
The Feed Assessment Tool (FEAST): Relevance for analyses and capacity development in dairy value chains

Ben Lukuyu, Alan Duncan (ILRI), Sep 2014
FEAST-TechFit logic and link to action research in the dairy value chains

Alan Duncan (ILRI), Sep 2014
Feeding innovation – Update on the feed innovation toolkit and where we are with FEAST and Techfit

Michael Blümmel, Purvi Mehta, Iain Wright (ILRI), Mar 2014
Multidimensional crop improvement to increase overall productivity in mixed crop-livestock systems and to support intensification of livestock

Sita Ghimire (BecA-ILRI Hub), Nov 2013
Endophytic microbes to enhance Brachiaria productivity in semi-arid environments of sub Saharan Africa


Derek Baker (University of New England), Jo Cadilhon (ILRI), Oct 2014
Smallholder agriculture and market engagement

Jo Cadilhon (ILRI), Jun 2014
Identifying the talent factor in inclusive African agrifood systems: Kati Farms (Uganda)’s experience


Absolomon Kihara, Steve Kemp (ILRI), 17 Oct 2014
A state-of-the-art biorepository: Challenges and opportunities

Steve Staal (ILRI), 12 Nov 2014
The sustainable use of animal genetics in developing countries


Henning Steinfeld (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), 7 Nov 2014
Livestock and the Environment: Challenges to 2054

Henning Steinfeld (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), 6 Nov 2014
Livestock and the environment: Drivers, impacts, responses

Mats Lannerstad (ILRI), 7 Nov 2014
Livestock and water

Mats Lannerstad (ILRI), An Notenbaert (International Center for Tropical Agriculture), Birthe Paul (International Center for Tropical Agriculture), Simon Fraval (ILRI), Ylva Ran (Stockholm Environment Institute), Jeanne Morris (Stockholm Environment Institute), Jessica Koge (International Center for Tropical Agriculture), Simon Mugatha (ILRI), Edmund Githoro (ILRI), Jennie Barron (Stockholm Environment Institute) and Mario Herrero (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation), Oct 2014
Introducing the CLEANED framework for environmental ex-ante impact assessment of livestock value chains

Mats Lannerstad (ILRI), Oct 2014
Introducing the CLEANED project

Tim Robinson (ILRI), Oct 2014
The Livestock Geo-Wiki: Manure management module

Eric Davidson (Woods Hole Research Center), Sep 2014
Manure happens: Altering the global nitrogen cycle by feeding about seven billion carnivorous humans


Barry Shapiro (ILRI), Dec 2014
Sustainable intensification and climate change: An EARS-CGIAR Mega-program initiative in support of the Government of Ethiopia and the African Union

Klaus Butterbach-Bahl (ILRI), 7 Nov 2014
Livestock and the environment — Challenges to 2054

Timothy Robinson (ILRI), Oct 2014
Animal health and greenhouse gas emissions intensity network

Philip Thornton (ILRI), Jun 2014
Is the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report telling us anything new about climate change and food security?

Bernard Bett, Delia Grace (ILRI), Apr 2014
Climate change impacts on animal health and vector borne diseases


Chris Barrett (Cornell University), Jul 2014
Toward a theory of resilience for international development applications: With some reflections on practical implications

Chris Barrett (Cornell University), Jul 2014
Index-Based Livestock Insurance (IBLI): Preliminary findings on the positive impacts of an imperfect product

Katie Downie (ILRI), May 2014
Technical consortium for building resilience in the Horn of Africa

Katie Downie, Sabrina Chesterman, Lance Robinson (ILRI), May 2014
A review of existing analytical frameworks, metrics and outcomes designed to measure enhanced resilience in the Horn of Africa

Lance Robinson (ILRI), Jonathan Davies (International Union for Conservation of Nature), Polly Ericksen (ILRI), Simon Mugatha (ILRI)
Measuring development process resilience: A test from northern Kenya

Jonathan Davies (International Union for Conservation of Nature), Lance Robinson (ILRI), Polly Ericksen (ILRI), May 2014
Resilience and sustainable development: Insights from the drylands of eastern Africa

Iain Wright, Polly Ericksen, Andrew Mude, Klaus Butterbach-Bahl (ILRI), Feb 2014
Pastoralism: From vulnerability to resilience


Kathleen Colverson, Susan MacMillan, Dorine Odongo (ILRI), Mar 2014
Women and livestock: Why gender matters are BIG matters


Iddo Dror, Zelalem Lema (ILRI), Apr 2014
Deciphering the DNA of innovation platforms

Iddo Dror (ILRI), Mar 2014
Overview of capacity development (CapDev) in the CRP on Humidtropics—A discussion on CapDev needs and how CapDev can support the ECA Flagship work


Peter Ballantyne (ILRI), Sep 2014
Open access repositories: Sharing research to the global community

Tezira Lore (ILRI), Mar 2014
Using social media to enhance research discoverability: Experiences of the International Livestock Research Institute


Tom Randolph (ILRI), 19 Nov 2014
The vision for systems analysis research within the Livestock and Fish research program

Tom Randolph (ILRI), Sep 2014
Refocusing livestock agricultural research for development to address food and nutritional security challenges


Tim Robinson (ILRI), May 2014
Humidtropics update and ILRI planning meeting


Jimmy Smith (ILRI), 28 Oct 2014
African animal agriculture: Grasping opportunities as a great livestock transition gets under way

Mario Herrero (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation), Sep 2014
African livestock futures: Realizing the potential of livestock for poverty alleviation, food security and the environment

Yemi Akinbamijo (Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa), 28 Oct 2014
Livestock and economic well-being in Africa

Amos Omore (ILRI), Jan 2014
Creating a livestock sector with global competitor advantages in East Africa

Sirak Bahta (ILRI), Feb 2014
Competitive smallholder livestock in Botswana


Gebregziabher Gebreyohannes (Ethiopian Minister for Livestock Resources Development), Dec 2014
Livestock Master Plan: Roadmaps for growth and transformation (2015–2020)

Siboniso Moyo (ILRI), Dec 2014
Overview of International Livestock Research (ILRI) activities in Ethiopia

Siboniso Moyo (ILRI), Dec 2014
An overview of CGIAR activities in Ethiopia

Peter Thorne (ILRI), Dec 2013
Africa RISING project in Ethiopia and participatory agricultural research


Danilo Pezo, Emily Ouma, Michel Dione (ILRI), May 2014
Update on the Smallholder Pig Value Chains Development in Uganda (SPVCD) Project

Emily Ouma (ILRI), May 2014
More pork by and for the poor: Catalyzing emerging smallholder pig value chains in Uganda for food security and poverty reduction

Danilo Pezo (ILRI), May 2014
Introducing ILRI in Uganda

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