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Year-end pix: Portraits of some of our favourite women (WILD) and men (MILD) in livestock development

Miss some pictures from the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) this year? Check out ILRI’s 382 picture albums, comprising 10,496 pictures.

Here are some of our favourite 2014 portraits of powerful ‘women in livestock development’ (WILD).


From left to right,
top row:
Florence Wambugu, Isabelle Baltenweck, Suzanne Petersen, Siboniso Moyo, Gail Amare;
row 2: Lucilla Steinaa, Purvi Mehta-Bhatt, Patricia Chale, Cynthia Baldwin, Nadine Sanginga;
row 3: Suarupa Durgaiah, Roma Oli, Polly Ericsken, Shirley Tarawali, Lindiwe Majele Sibanda;
row 4: Barbara Rischkowsky, Violet Barasa, Diana Brandes, Muthoni Njiru, Gerardine Mukeshimana;
row 5: Lucy Lapar, Delia Grace, Meron Mulatu, Shamsa Kosar, Sidney Westley.

And here are some of our favourite portraits of ‘men in livestock development’ (MILD) this year.


From left to right,
top row:
Christopher Delgado, Yunnan farmer, Bill Gates, Jimmy Smith, Bashir Ibrahim Mohamed;
row 2: Vish Nene, Carlos Seré, Ben Lukuyu, John McDermott, Ed Rege;
row 3: Barry Shapiro, Felix Koskei, Mats Lannerstad, Simeon Ehui, Suleman Abdi Aden;
row 4: Pham The Huan, Modibo Traoré, Appolinaire Djikeng, Brian Perry and Hank Fitzhugh, Hung Nguyen;
row 5: Jo Cadilhon, Fred Segor, Iddo Dror, Azage Tegegne, Andrew Mude.

Go to ILRI’s Flickr site for many, many more pictures:


One thought on “Year-end pix: Portraits of some of our favourite women (WILD) and men (MILD) in livestock development

  1. Dear Jimmy and Susan

    Belated congratulations to ILRI@40. Interesting discussions are taking place but more concrete plans for delivery of outputs are desirable as funding is now quite healthy.
    The WILD and MILD directories are very interesting – two more innovative acronyms from ever innovative Susan.

    Happy new year

    All the best


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