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Livestock for sustainable and equitable development—Selected top advocacy communications of 2016


Visit this Pinterest page maintained by ILRI for 102 advocacy communications: Livestock—Opinions.

This year, with a pilot project funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation starting in Sep 2016, the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) stepped up its advocacy work supporting livestock development for a more sustainable and equitable world.

The following are among ILRI’s top advocacy communications of 2016.

Woman herding his goat enclosure.a in their goat enclosure.

By Shirley Tarawali
Plant scientist and crop-livestock and pastoral systems specialist/ILRI assistant director general
Harnessing livestock for the Sustainable Development Goals, 21 Mar 2016



By Shirley Tarawali
DID YOU KNOW? ILRI in the Livestock Global Alliance, 1 Jun 2016


By Delia Grace
Veterinary epidemiologist and food safety expert/ILRI program leader/A4NH flagship leader
Pandemic proofing the world—An epidemiologist in Nairobi on the next Zika virus, 28 Jun 2016


By Jimmy Smith
Animal scientist and leader/ILRI director general
Jimmy Smith’s address to UK parliamentary group on the potential of livestock for development, 4 Jul 2016


By Jimmy Smith
Balancing the plate: Jimmy Smith opens ‘Private Sector Mechanism Partnerships Forum on Livestock’, 6 Jul 2016


By Shirley Tarawali
No one left behind: Livestock at the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development, 21 Jul 2016


By Tim Robinson
Spatial analyst/ILRI principal scientist
Apocalyptic numbers: Antibiotic resistance as the classic ‘One Health’ (and classic ‘One World’) planetary issue, 4 Aug 201


By Jimmy Smith
Veganism is not the key to sustainable development–natural resources are vital, 16 Aug 2016


By Susan MacMillan
Writer/ILRI public awareness and advocacy leader
ILRI remarks to UN Committee on Food Security commending newly agreed livestock recommendations, 18 Oct 2016

Menz, Ethiopia (photo credit: ILRIZerihun Sewunet)

By Polly Ericksen
Environmental and global change scientist/ILRI program leader
Let’s ‘meat’ in the middle on climate change, 4 Nov 2016


By Polly Ericksen
Animals must play a part in meeting Paris climate goals, 4 Nov 2016


By Delia Grace and Shirley Tarawali
Unpacking the tensions between the nutritional and economic goals of pro-poor livestock development, 10 Nov 2016


By Phil Thornton
Agricultural systems and climate change scientist/ILRI principal scientist/CCAFS flagship leader
Fighting climate change in a post-modernist world of pop art politics—Opinion by Phil Thornton, 1 Dec 2016


By Jimmy Smith
Livestock opportunities for responsible, inclusive and sustainable business-for-development partnerships, 2 Dec 2016

16 February 2016, Rome, Italy - Delia Grace. FAO International Symposium on “The Role of Agricultural Biotechnologies in Sustainable Food Systems and Nutrition”. 2.2 Post production value addition and food safety, FAO headquarters (Red room).

By Delia Grace
Opinion: Can the livestock sector find the elusive ‘win-win’ on drug resistance? 16 Dec 2016

For links to more such advocacy pieces, visit this Pinterest page maintained by ILRI: Livestock—Opinions.

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