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Top 10 viewed ILRI News blog articles of 2016

Take a look below at the top ten viewed
articles published in 2016 on the ILRI News blog.

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Kenya’s wildlife populations are in ‘widespread’ and ‘catastrophic’ decline—New study, 1 Oct 2016



Kenyan accepts 2016 Norman Borlaug Award for Field Research and Application at World Food Prize Event in Iowa, 12 Oct 2016


Africa RISING Innovation platform establishment meeting at kebele and woreda level in Tigray Region February 2014 (photo credit : ILRI/Apollo Habtamu)

Unlocking the potential of Ethiopia’s livestock sector: growth, jobs and environmental sustainability, 4 Feb 2016



Livestock and the Sustainable Development Goals, 29 Feb 2016



No one dietary choice is the answer to sustainable development—ILRI in ‘The Guardian’, 17 Aug 2016



Kenyan economist Andrew Mude wins the 2016 Norman Borlaug Award for Field Research and Application, 31 Aug 2016



Livestock can significantly reduce greenhouse gases AND deliver benefits to the poor–Nature Climate Change, 22 Mar 2016



Sustainable livestock, sustainable lives: Livestock’s role in global health, equity and environment, 26 May 2016



Agricultural research, rural poverty and climate change—(Some of) the weakest links, 6 May 2016



Tanzania ‘Livestock Master Plan’ project launched, 9 Mar 2016

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