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Take a look at some of ILRI’s WILD women (aka ‘Women in Livestock Development’)

Screenshot 1 of the ILRI WILD Pinterest board on Women in Livestock Development created to celebrate International Women’s Day in 2019 (illustration credit: ILRI).

Check out ILRI’s WILD—

Women in Livestock Development—

by clicking open this link to

ILRI’s WILD Pinterest board

Screenshot 2.

Today we celebrate International Women’s Day (8 Mar 2019) by celebrating women who are helping to make livestock development happen.

 Screenshot 3.

Pictured here are some of the women at the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) who work in Africa, Asia and Latin America to reduce poverty, hunger, disease and environmental degradation through livestock- and research-based interventions.

Screenshot 4.

Each of these women in livestock development (WILD) from ILRI, and from our partner organizations and from villages and towns around the world, is making a difference through livestock-related work.

Screenshot 5.

Enjoy the day!

And please remember—

Millions of women who are lifting themselves and their families
out of absolute poverty matter to livestock development.

And livestock development matters to millions of women
lifting themselves and their families out of absolute poverty.

Screenshot 6.

One thought on “Take a look at some of ILRI’s WILD women (aka ‘Women in Livestock Development’)

  1. Dear Susan, My best wishes to you and all ILRI women colleagues and friends (WILD) in the International Women Day.

    It has been a privilege to interact and share friendship with many of them during the time I worked for ILRI. In the rural and periurban areas all over the developing world women are important actors in livestock production.    

    Warm regards, Danilo

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