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Focus on environmental health: The role of rangelands in an integrated One Health approach

As the we commemorate the World Environment Day, 5 -June-2020, the criticality of the One Health approach, integrating human, animal and environmental health has continued to come to the fore. Yet, more attention needs to be given to the environmental health component including of the resource base – rangelands.

“Healthy rangelands provide for healthy livestock that provide for healthy people. Well-functioning rangelands sustain the soil, moisture and nutrient availability for plants on which animals feed. At the same time, healthy rangelands also provide a wealth of ecosystem services such as carbon and water storage, prevention of soil erosion, and provision of a generally ameliorating environment that has a direct impact on human and animal health.”

Read this insightful article about what researchers at the International Livestock Research Institute and other partners are doing to integrate participatory rangeland management, into a One Health approach. The post was originally published on Agrilinks. 

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