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Tanzanian dairy film: A farmer’s experiences in coastal Tanga

Watch this 3:47-minute film that shares the experience of dairy farming in Tanzania’s coastal region of Tanga.

In the film, Faustina Akyoo, a small-scale dairy farmer, explains how she learnt dairying from her parents in Arusha before moving to the coastal town of Tanga where she continued keeping cows in addition to taking up employment. She is now retired, and her five dairy cows are an important source of income for her family.

Akyoo is a member of the Tanga Dairy Platform, a pioneer dairying initiative in the country that is helping farmers like her better engage with dairy sector players in Tanga to improve milk production and marketing.

Tanzania is a target country of the CGIAR Research Program on Livestock and Fish, which is led by the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI). One of the projects under this program is ‘More Milk in Tanzania (MoreMilkIt)’, which is working with partners such as Tanzania’s Sokoine University of Agriculture to improve farmer access to feeding, breeding, animal health and credit services.

The ILRI-Tanzania country office was officially opened in June 2014.

Find out more about ILRI’s research in Tanzania.

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