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ThrowbackThursday Video—Misku and Gebremichael’s stories


Don’t miss these
two superb and
VERY short videos
describing how
new ideas in animal husbandry
are transforming Ethiopian incomes,
animal pastures and livestock livelihoods.

Misku’s Story
A 40-year old woman from
central-western Ethiopia
transforms her family’s life
through improved sheep fattening.

The women doing this
are transforming not only their household wealth,
but also their relationships with their (very proud) husbands.

Oct 2013, 1:40-minute video
(692 views as of 8 Aug 2019)

Gebremichael’s Story
A Tigray livestock keeper says improved,
community-led pasture management
has transformed livelihoods in his community,
with more milk and greater incomes
sending children to school for the first time.

‘If you compare the past and the present,
it’s like the distance between the Earth and the sky.’

Oct 2013, 1:22-minute video
(642 views as of 8 Aug 2019)

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