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A look back at some of ILRI’s top livestock stories of 2015

Mozambique, Maputo

Despite contamination concerns, Africa must embrace ‘wet markets’ as key to food security, 27 Jan 2015


Where do the world’s cattle, chickens, pigs live? Check out these cool maps (sheep and goats coming), 11 Feb 2015


The meat we eat, the lives we lift–Opinion by ILRI director general Jimmy Smith, 26 Feb 2015


WILD: Take a look at some of the ‘Women in Livestock Development’, 3 Mar 2015


Tanzania dairy sector gets USD1.5 million boost through East Africa Dairy Development project grant, 13 Mar 2015

Cattle breed: Boran. Location: Nr Mega, southern Ethiopia.

Fighting fire with fire: New study shows co-parasitic infections of cattle protect the animals from lethal disease, 21 Mar 2015


First global map of the rising use of antimicrobial drugs in farm animals published in PNAS, 25 Mar


All things zoonotic: An ‘Urban Zoo’ research project tracks livestock-based pathogen flows in and around Nairobi, 31 Mar 2015


Managing the most nutritious, and riskiest, foods in the informal markets of developing countries, 11 Apr 2015


New project promises more productive chickens for Africa’s smallholders, 4 Jun 2015


Toughening animal agriculture for worse climate with ‘preventive breeding’–Scientific American, 11 Jun 2015


Climate change impacts on livestock: ‘This information does not exist’, 16 Jun 2015


The rise of antimicrobial resistance (lethal) and animal agriculture (critical): Their links in developing countries, 18 Jun 2015


Ethiopian ‘livestock master plan’ to take 2.36 million households out of poverty, 2 Jul 2015


A look at multi-stakeholder (aka innovation) platforms: From Africa RISING to MilkIT to imGoats to Humidtropics, 7 Jul 2015


Reducing human exposure to aflatoxins in poor countries: Towards new technologies and practices, 3 Aug 2015


All flesh is grass (except in Nigeria, where it might be cassava peel), 10 Aug 2015


Kenya Government launches insurance program to protect its northern frontier herders against catastrophic drought, 10 Aug 2015


Just how much gas does Africa’s livestock produce? A new environmental lab sets up to find out, 12 Aug 2015


‘Soft’ science at ILRAD/ILRI: A lively look back at three decades of veterinary epidemiology for development, 24 Aug 2015


New study recommends continued research on the possible role pigs could play in transmitting Ebola in Uganda, 1 Sep 2015


New DNA analysis of Asian sheep reveals unique diversity crucial to contemporary food and climate concerns, 1 Sep 2015


Mixing it up—The information ‘black hole’ on crop+animal recipes for climate-smart and climate-resilient farms, 2 Sep 2015

ILRIZerihun Sewunet

Creating an enabling environment for livestock development in Ethiopia, 9 Sep 2015


ILRI’s Corporate Report 2014–2015 is out: Twenty-one stories of better lives through livestock, 28 Oct 2015


Director general of the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), Jimmy Smith

What’s driving Ethiopia’s fast development? Millions of smallholder farmers, of course, 30 Oct 2015


Climate-smart livestock farming in developing countries is boosted by a £10-million research award, 25 Nov 2015



A couple of ‘missings’ for the Paris climate talks, 30 Nov 2015


Can we eat meat and still reduce greenhouse gas emissions?, 13 Dec 2015


A CapDev banner at the ILRI@40 conference in Nairobi, 1 Oct 2014 (photo credit: ILRI/Paul Karaimu).


Briefs on capacity development experiences at the International Livestock Research Institute, 14 Dec 2015


Nyando climate-smart villages are home to a mix of technologies tailored to boost farmers’ ability to adapt to climate change, manage risks and build resilience. These technologies will in turn improve livelihoods and incomes. Photos S.Kilungu (CCAFS)

New Kenya value chains program to lift 300,000 plus households out of poverty, 15 Dec 2015

Dairy cow in Tanga, Tanzania (photo credit: ILRI/Paul Karaimu).

Dairy cow in Tanga, Tanzania (photo credit: ILRI/Paul Karaimu).

Towards more productive dairy cattle for Africa’s smallholders, 23 Dec 2015


Slum farming and superbugs—An ‘Urban Zoo’ science project tracks bacterial routes in complex environments, 29 Dec 2015


The ‘year of meat’: Tamar Haspel, Bill Gates and others weigh in on the good, the bad and the ugly—and end up siding with ‘a little moderation and more innovation’, 30 Dec 2015

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